Occupational Therapy Graduate Program

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Research and Scholarship

One of the objectives of the Occupational Therapy Graduate Programs is to actively engage our students in scholarship. Our model is for students to work directly with Occupational Therapy faculty members on faculty directed research.

Early in the students’ first fall semester a menu of available faculty research projects is distributed to students. Faculty members verbally present their research projects in the graduate seminar. Students select their top 3 research project choices. The faculty then meets and distributes the students with the majority of the students getting one of their 3 choices. The distribution of number of students is equitably distributed across faculty members with PhDs.

Since faculty members are working with first, second and third year students, assignment of students is carefully distributed. The faculty members are committed to collaboratively working with each student over a 2 to 3 year period. Often there are a number of graduate students across several academic classes working as a research team. Many of the collaborative research projects result in formal dissemination either in a written or verbal form or in some occasions both. Occasionally faculty members work with UNM students from other departments or with students in other universities.

Since we have implemented this model beginning with the students in the undergraduate program in 1998, we have significant outcomes. The faculty/student teams have published (or in press) 53 articles with 2 other manuscripts submitted for publication. The faculty and students have also published 7 articles in non-peer reviewed publications. In addition, the faculty/student research teams have made a total of 118 presentations: 54 local/state, 48 national and 16 international.

We are very proud of the outcomes of our faculty/student research partnerships. We believe that actively involving students in faculty research will assist them to be more competent consumers of research.